Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over The Edge. Keeping Your Workout Fresh. Say "No" to Plateau.

Hi Guys,

Ever been in a stale relationship? You know what I'm talking about right? Day-in-day-out, the exact same thing. No emotion is there anymore.'s just work. And after a while you start to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

We all know our workout routines can go that direction too if you don't switch things up. Here are a few tips to turn on the lights, get out the toys, and keep your workouts fresh!

  1. New Music - Create a new play list. Change your Pandora Station. Do this every week to avoid a subconscious, musically induced, "same old boring workout" effect.
  2. Reverse Magic - Do your workout in reverse. This seems like a minor change, but it forces your muscles to do exercises they are familiar with in an unfamiliar order. You will find that you receive a better workout than you normally do.
  3. Get Outside - Don't just change Gyms but, get outdoors. Go run at the beach, play tennis, surf, swim, cycle, or anything else. Not only will you benefit from challenging different muscles but, you'll get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and fresh air!
  4. New Kicks - They make your feet happy, keep you bouncy, and look better than the old ones. Go buy some new exercise shoes and show them off!
  5. Classes - There are so so so many good (and free) classes at your gym. As a guy, I would see nothing but ladies in a class and think, "oh that's just a chick class people will think I'm lame or a perv." Then I started doing the classes (because you know... I'm a perv. JK) and holy crap! Ladies you are rock stars! Guys go see what these women are made of. The classes will kick your butt! (And just maybe you'll meet some beauties too!)
  6. Supplements - Try a new supplement blend. Your body can get used to your supplements the same way it can get used to a workout. 
  7. Download A New Workout From The Web - The Internet is a great resource for professionally designed workout routines that are tried and true. Is there a celeb you want to model your body after, chances are they have a workout routine posted online. 
  8. Buddy Up! - Working out is always more fun with a friend. Not only can you hang out with your buddy but, they will probably have a different routine than you allowing you to learn from each other and try new things. (Added benefit: you won't have to ask the stranger wearing ball danglers to spot you while you bench.

I'd love to hear what else you all do to keep it fresh! Please post and share!

- Black Wolf Team

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