Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick 1000 cal San Diego workout with Afterburn benefits.


Going to the gym is like masturbating. Sure it's fun at first but, eventually you reach a point where it's no longer satisfying. This quick power hour workout will force you to step up your game, crush the plateau, and lean up fast so you don't have to go home alone. As always, make sure you eat clean and drink plenty of water throughout your workout and the day.
*Note: This routine focuses on burning calories, not building muscle. You can replace or retool the CORE portion if your focus is on another area of your body.

WARM UP: [ETA. 15-20min]
  • 2 Mile Treadmill (Split it up!)
    • 1 Mile Sprint as fast as you can. [ETA. 7 Min or less]
    • 1 mile jog at fast pace. [ETA. 9 Min or less]
    • 2 minute cool down.
THE THICK OF IT: [ETA. 15-20min]
  • Wood Chops  - This exercise targets the serratus, obliques and abdominals. Perfect to increasing core strength and adding lines to your abs. [ETA. 7min]
    • [both sides: 3 sets each 35-50lbs to comfort level]
    • 1min rest
  • Pallof Press Rotation - Engages core at all times. Including stabilizer activation. Rotation is added to actively target the abdominals, obliques and serratus. [ETA 7 min]
    • [Both sides: 3 sets each 35-50lbs to comfort level]
    • 1min rest
  • Ab Crunches with 10 lb Medicine Ball - 100 of them. go. [ETA. 1.5min]
  • Scissor Kicks - 60 of them. Go. [ETA. 45sec]
  • Wide leg alternating sit ups - [2 sets of 20.] [ETA. 5min]
  • Any you prefer
FINISH HIM: [ETA 15-20min] ****This is the most important part and how you generate that AFTERBURN feeling to keep your metabolism going strong all day!*****
  • 2 Mile Treadmill (Split it Up)
    • 1 Mile Sprint. [ETA 8Min or Less]
    • 1 Mile Jog [ETA 10Min]
  • 1-2mile Bike Ride [ETA: any] - Steady pace.
COMPLETE - In 1 hour you should have burned about 1,000 Calories and raised your BMR for the rest of the day.

----------The Not So Quick Extra Push---------

After a 20-30 minute break. Drink a bottle of Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes.

Go to Cowle's Mountain and make it your bitch! [ETA: 45 min at a casual pace]

Welcome to hardcore fitness! You just burned 2000 calories!

Suggested Animal Mentality:
Black Wolf

*Note: I am not a personal trainer. Just a fitness and health nut. I read, learn from pros, and practice what I preach. I created open forum style blog so that we can share our best workouts, meal plans, and locations to achieve maximum fitness because in San Diego, it's what we do!